After two emotional services yesterday morning, and a lovely lunch, I finally took my leave of St P’s and St C’s for good. I don’t think it has really sunk in that I won’t be there next Sunday having fun with my little flocks. All the servers at St C’s were out in force beside me in the Sanctuary and Jim had even organised for us to have bells and a procession with the cross at the gospel (frowned upon by some as being ‘too high’ but he wanted it for my last day!). And we all ‘flew’ out in procession to God is our strength and refuge to the tune of the Dambusters March. (My favourite tune!)

And now today the removal men arriveth in a few minutes. My computer won’t be reconnected until Wednesday and even then I have little faith that I will be up and running by then. So, in the words of somebody famous, I may be gone for some time…

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