Parting is such sweet sorrow

Last night I had my leaving do with St C’s at the Fairway Hotel. There was a good turnout – better than many Sundays! WE had a lovely meal and nobody had to do the washing up which was nice.

Jim said some kind words, and then we were visited by an old priest by the name of Rev’d Lightbody (aka Duncan in a droopy moustache and alarming Elvis wig). He made a hilarious speech interspersed with snippets from songs and I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I had had a few glasses of vino so can’t quite remember all the songs featured but I do know that ‘Purple Rain’, ‘I want to break free’, and ‘Fat bottomed girls’ featured. The last referred to our Egyptian dancing evenings and not my own physique – but it could easily have done!

My little flock have also bought me a wonderful coffee table with drawers to hide all sorts of rubbish. So whenever I look at it I shall remember St C’s. John and Pat also gave me a beautiful cross which splits in two, and I shall wear it with pride.

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