Week of prayer for Christian Unity

It’t that time again. St C’s are hosting the big ecumenical service on Sunday in Bathgate so I have spent the last few hours trying to put a wee sermon together. This year the text has been chosen by Irealnd and they have opted for Matthew 18:15-22 on the theme of forgiveness. Their wee bookie is full of ‘celtic’ prayers and biddings to be used.

Last year, or maybe it was 2 years ago, I took some of my little flock to Bishop’s House on Iona for a retreat. One day we looked at celtic prayer and all had a go at writing some. I came across the book today that we made up after the retreat and was delighted at the standard of writing. There were some really good prayers in it. Frankly, I think some of ours were even better than the ones in the CTBI resource book.

Some, on the other hand, were more lighthearted. Here is one from Bill:

Help me create, do things in threes.
See our Lord God in flowers and trees.
Pray to Him daily on my old knees.

Bless all around me, give me your truth.
Bless our dear vicar, the Reverend Ruth.
Bless her and keep her in eternal youth.

I know that you cannot accomplish all this.
At least let her continue in unbridled bliss.
Send down your angels to give her a kiss.



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