A handbag? (to be said in that voice)

I love handbags. Most of my handbags used to be black, but now that purple is in fashion I have managed to acquire a small selection to match my fondness for purple clothing. As a result I have decided to flog all my old handbags before I move, along with all the other things I don’t want to move with me to the new Rectory.

But I am afraid that it won’t be long before I have added to my more manageable pile of handbags. Not since I heard about http//www.nativebynative.co.uk where you can buy handbags made from recycled plastic. Four years ago an Indian couple set up an NGO for rag-pickers, the poorest of Delhi’s poor. They discovered that coloured plastic bags could be sewn together and heated to form a single sheet of tough, leathery plastic. They now employ 300 rag-pickers and machinists to make ecologically sound handbags which are sold all over the world.

And some of them are purple. How cool is that?

(Source: The Week Issue 545)


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