Dawkins is a ****

On Monday night I watched the first part of a series in which Richard Dawkins assaults faith and belief. I was so insensed when I was watching it that I ended up yelling at the TV on more than one occasion. (This may be the cause of the lost voice!) And i did intend blogging about it but forgot. However, it is still simmering away nicely so I think I shall indeed air a few points.

It seemed to be mainly Christianity that was the focus for his caustic commentary, most of which was not used in dialogue thus depriving anyone of the right to reply. And what examples of Christianity did he use? Roman Catholic pilgrims at Lourdes, a tour guide in the Holy Land and a Southern evangelical pastor. Oh yes, Richard! They are really good representatives of the Christian faith. The implication of it all was that all Christians believe that God created the world in seven days and ignore scientific evidence that the world has been around for some considerable time prior to that.

Let’s hope that in the second part he actually invites an intellectual equal to take on the debate. Otherwise it will be merely cheap journalism at its very worst.


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