Sore throat blues

One of my little flock very kindly shared her cough with me last week and now I sound a bit like Eartha Kitt on crack. It sounds weird to my ears to have this very deep voice coming out of my mouth when I speak. This morning, just before presiding at the Holy Mysteries, Mimi gave me a Jakeman’s Chest and Throat lozenge and it did the trick. Boy, do you know it’s doing you good! And it lasted all the way through the service. Yes, I know you purists are throwing your hands up in horror and getting your birettas in a twist, but remember ‘medicine’ is allowed before Mass. And these definitely taste like medicine. They also made the Blood of Christ taste rather peculiar too. I have been and treated myself to a quarter (or whatever the metric equivalent is) of Jakeman’s for myself and shall sook away this afternoon wondering who Jakeman was.


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