Wanted: Mary Poppins

Oh how I wish Mary P could arrive right now with her carpet-bag and brolly and sort out my Study. The move is imminent but the mess isn’t getting any better. If anything, it gets worse as I empty files from one place and lay them on the floor until I can find a suitable place for them to go to. Mary P could just swish her whatever and all the files would be in the right places, named and in order, and all the rubbish would be shredded and out in the recycle bin, and all the books would be put away in boxes according to subject.

And what do you leave behind for the next lucky priest in charge? Another thing they didn’t teach us at Tisec! Will s/he care about all the meetings and old accounts and Vestry away days and stewardship campaigns and such like? All those things that were so important at the time and caused such angst? Should I just bin them or leave them in a file marked ‘For your information’? I guess all I can do is file them according to what I would have liked to have known when I first came here.


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