More on the mouse

Readers of my blog will know that there is a moose loose aboot this hoose. A moose that likes Jaffa cakes. Every morning there is evidence that it has been scampering around my kitchen seeking what it can devour, stedfast in its search.

Loathe as I am to kill the little critter with poison or traps, I fear that now I have no choice. Last night we found evidence that it had been feasting on a scented candle (Christmas scent).

I have heard that there is a thing you can plug in to the wall which emits a sonic sound or something which causes rodents and creepy-crawlies to head to the hills with a sore head and a ringing in their ears. I shall order one today and see if it works or not.

Pity I’m allergic to cats or I could get Tilly to visit.


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