Update on Mum

It seems easier to post news of my mum’s health on this blog and thus save me phoning and emailing all friends who have been kind enough to keep us in their prayers.

After emergency surgery to remove a blockage from the bowel, mum is now in intensive care at the Western General. These first few days are critical because of her heart failure and the risk of fluid building up and her heart not being able to cope. Yesterday morning was not good and her oxygen levels dropped to 83 but by last night she had perked up a bit and was talking more sense!

She asked if it was cancer and I said it might be. The hospital policy is not to say anything until they have got histology back. But one doctor has told me that it is cancer but they don’t know whether it is ovarian or intestinal. Chemo is not an option though because of her heart.

We are taking each day as it comes.


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