A day in the life of

Busy day today and a good example of what ministry is all about. Started off with some paperwork, then off to St P’s for the Holly Wreath sale. Of course, all the hard work had been already done by my little flock as they have beavered away for the past week, day and night, scampering round strangers’ gardens (with permission, I hasten to add) and assembling the gorgeous wreaths. You could tell who they were by the sticking plasters.

As we got down to the last few bags of holly I left to go to St C’s Christmas Lunch where we served wonderful fare to 70 folk. Good old Boghall Parish Church turned out in great numbers, and the church has never been so warm. I flitted about not doing very much (you have to be early with your pinny to get a real job) and chatted to all the diners. I even managed to pick up a baptism which we will do in January. But the best bit is when everyone has gone and the workers get to sit down and have their meal. I managed to put away a fair bit before I had to scoot off.

Back home to organise a funeral for Wednesday of one of our little flock. Then I wrote my sermon for tomorrow, cleared a space on my desk and tried to make a list of all the things I have to do over the next 2 weeks. Now I am going to put my feet up and watch Casualty.


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