Am I alone?

According to The Week (issue No 540) “vicars are too shy to go out and preach. A survey conducted by the Right Rev Michael Whinney found that Protestant clergy are unusually sensitive and introverted, and would rather busy themselves with paperwork than get ‘out there’ in the community and convert people to Christianity.”

Now, I have several issues with this article. Certainly I have no doubt that most clergy are introverts. When I was at the Theological Institute we all did a Myers Briggs test and sure enough, I was in a minority with one or two other attention seekers. But most clergy are indeed introverts and I don’t have a problem with that.

I can even cope with the phrase ‘unusually sensitive’ although I do fear that they may be very bruised and battered in ministry if that is the case.

But who is going to do the paperwork, if not the clergy? And am I meant to be out in the community, preaching and converting people to Christianity? If that is the case, we got nothing in Tisec about that. Are we all meant to be out on soap boxes at the Mound shouting “Repent! Repent!” Maybe we are.

And here was me thinking that the vast majority of people came to church with a friend. I thought it was only about 2% who came because clergy invited them. But that could be because they weren’t out there preaching in an extrovert manner.

Hey-ho. Oh it’s difficult loving Jesus, as Fr K used to say.


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