Pride comes before a fall

Oh dear! I thought I was all organised for Advent but sadly I was greatly mistaken. I arrived laden with bags and so pleased that I seemed to have remembered everything. But there was always that niggling thought at the back of my mind that something was missing. Then just as the service was about to begin I saw what it was…

No prayer for lighting the first Advent candle. Usually I print something out on the pew sheet but I had forgotten. What did it say? No idea. My mind was blank. I dashed over to a friendly Bishop who happened to be in the congregation and asked him for advice. He suggested I look up a Prayer Book. No prayer books in St C’s but there was a weekday missal. So while I was scrabbling for some Advent collect to use, the said Bishop appeared at the Vestry door with a hymn book in his hands. He had found a lovely wee hymn (No 399 in Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New – ‘Like a candle flame…’) which was just perfect. Which is why he is a bishop.


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