Advent! I’m ready!

Busy morning at Linlithgow with our Advent Fayre as well as the town’s. Frank came along to play carols on his whatsisname (large wooden box with strings which you hit with 2 sticks) and Susan bought me a Drattit Doll which apparantly you wallop when you are frustrated and shout “Drat it!” It has purple hair and will be well-used, I’m sure.

I also found five religious Advent calendars in our new Fair Trade shop (with Divine chocolate in them too). But we may have more than five children tomorrow at our Family service so I hunted some more and found some gorgeous Medici ones in the Book Shop with Our Lady resplendent on the front. No chocolate in them though. I bought all their stock of them and will leave them all to fight it out tomorrow. I also found a gorgeous one for me by Andy Warhol.

Now if I can just finish my sermon we will be all organised…


2 thoughts on “Advent! I’m ready!

  1. Hi, revruth, I’m 15 and last year my teacher who just retired gave me a drattit doll, I was one of her favourite students and I was just wondering if you could help me out with a couple of things…

    Where did your friend buy this doll?
    How long ago did she buy it

    You see, I would like to locate where the dolls are manufactored as I like the unique antiquity of it.

    My teacher was a sweet lady, and I would love to buy one for her as something to remember me by.

    • Thanks for your comment but I’m sorry I can’t help. The ones I saw were homemade. Why not try making your own? Your teacher would love it all the more!

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