Lo! He comes but I’m not ready

Oh Lord! Advent Sunday approaches and there is so much to do. Change of liturgy (we are moving the Confession to after the Intercessions for a wee change; and the dreaded ‘modern’ Lord’s Prayer; St Anne’s mass setting which should put a smile on some faces as they hide the St Thomas one in the back of the cupboard) and Advent wreaths to worry about and candles to order. Better let the eight organist/musicians know about the changes.

End of Year Returns to worry about which apparantly are to be done electronically but as yet nothing has appeared through the ether.

I usually give all the children an Advent calendar but forgot to pre-order and of course now there is not a religious one to be found for love nor money. Will have to think of something else.

Family service on Sunday so that means a children’s sermon which always takes me longer to prepare.

Oh, and the small matter of the St Andrew’s night ceilidh at St C’s on Friday night – all welcome – and the St P’s Advent Fayre on Saturday morning – all welcome.

And let’s not forget the Vestry meeting tonight, a night out tomorrow, and the first CMD 1-3 session on Thursday in Edinburgh.

O come, O come, Emmanuel – but just hang on until I’m ready, please.


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