Equal opportunities for cheerleaders

Went to speak to S3 at B’gate Academy this morning. Their RE teacher is one of my little flock and had asked me to go along and talk about equality in the church.

So I spoke about the ordination of women, gender stereotypes, and whether there was equality now or not. When I asked them what they thought my job entailed I was met with a deafening silence. Not sure whether this was because they really had no idea what a priest might get up to during the day, or whether they just didn’t care. Reluctantly they did suggest I might take services and visit. I enlightened them!

We agreed that women make good priests and all jobs should be open to women or men. Except for weightlifting and cheerleading apparantly. I said I’d quite enjoy watching men leaping about in short shorts but I think I was alone. And I also offered the opinion that I wasnt keen on anybody weightlifting, but it seems that muscly men are cool. Oh well, each to their own.

I don’t seem to remember anyone giving us careers guidance on either cheerleading or weightlifting. But then again, there was no sign of the church either.


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