Old souls and young souls

Happy All Souls Day! I love that line from the reading today in Isaiah: “The Lord will wipe away the tears from every cheek; he will take away his people’s shame everywhere on earth, for the Lord has said so.”

Anyway, after we had kept the Feast this morning at St C’s we had a visit from Primary 4 of the local school. Over 50 seven and eight year-olds flooded into church with teachers and several bouncers to learn about the church building and why we come to church. What a racket!

We came to the conclusion that we come to church to sing, to pray, to read stories, to talk to God, to remember the Last Supper, to have communion and to say sorry. Oh, and sometimes we come to be baptised, married or to die. (On the last point, can I just say that although I have seen one or two close their eyes during my sermons, I am not aware of any actual deaths.)

We discussed the silly names the church has for things and we spotted loads of crosses all over the place. We cheered (and the boys booed) at the fact that women can be priests. And we dressed up in albs and stoles and chasubles – but nobody wanted the green set because they don’t support Hibs. (Next time we will need to borrow Kelvin’s sarum blue set as Rangers seems to be the preferred option.)

We smelled oil for anointing, and tasted wafers for communion and decided they were either like the wafers with ice-cream, cardboard or the stuff that flying saucers are made from but without the sherbet.

We all say that we would like more children in church. All I can say on that subject, is that I’m not sure that I could cope with 50 children every Sunday. I was more than a little frayed by the end, my headache was throbbing and my throat sore from raising my voice above the crescendo of little voices. The teacher apologised but said it was just because they were so excited at being in church. In that case, it was all worth while.

And let us say a prayer for all teachers. They deserve every penny they get.


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