Angel and me

Finally finished Angel and Me by Sara Maitland. I started it ages ago but it became my bedtime book and that is the one in which I only manage a few pages – sometimes just a few lines – before my eyelids become too heavy to continue. It was recommended by a friend who had gone back to read it a second time, and now I can see why.

It was the ideal bedtime reading because it contained short stories, some of which were originally written for radio. It was fun to imagine whose voice might have read them: Miriam Margolyes et al. And they were all about women – women of the bible, saints, sinners and angels. Of Sarah, Martha, Mary Mag, Pilate’s wife, Lady Godiva, Radegund, Mary Fisher, Margaret Clitheroe, Perpetua and Felicity, and the guardian angel.

These women came alive for me and confirmed my love of story-telling. Maybe one day I shall do a series of ‘Jackanory’ sermons…


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