Christian Resources Exhibition

Headed off to the CRE yesterday with 2 friendly clergy friends – and also bumped in to 2 of my little flocks.

It did occur to me as I wandered up and down the aisles trying to dodge some very enthusiastic Christians that it wasnt nearly so exciting as the first one I went to many years ago. I think this is because of the internet – in that we can now see what all those companies down south have to offer merely by looking at their websites. However, it is nice to stroke the pretty vestments and feel the quality, never mind the width. And how long would it have taken me to find out that SOS (Shinglers of Sutton) now do a woman’s clerical shirt with tonsure collar? But they do and I am delighted and have ordered one.

I nearly ordered a gorgeous stole from Juliet Hemingray but managed to stop myself. But if anyone wants to buy me a pressie then you can see it in their catalogue (purple with cross and crown of thorns which looks like a dandelion clock). Actually, I’d quite like one in black too for funerals, but that may be too greedy.

Came home, tired, and with a bag full of carrier bags. It would seem that Christian Resources doesn’t mean saving the planet from plastic bags.


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