Scanner search

I needed a new scanner so I went in to PC World on my day off. There were about 18 different scanners ranging in price from about £30 to £130. The little price tickets had features printed on them but I didnt understand what they meant. I stood for about 15 minutes pondering. Why is it that when you want help in a shop there is nobody offering it?

So I went in search of a nice young man (not for the first time!). I found one and said I’d like some advice on scanners. Here follows our conversation:

“Can you explain the difference in all these scanners please?”

“What do you want it for? Scanning documents or photographs?”

“Just documents please.”

“Well this would be a good one, and it has OCR.”

“What is OCR?” (Actually I knew what it was but just couldnt quite remember.)

“OCR means it can convert the text.”

“Right. That’s what I want.”

“Or you could have this one which does photos from negatives.”

“No, I just want to scan documents.”

“Or you could have one that copies, scans and is a printer and a fax.”

“No, I just will take this one that scans documents, thank you.”

“Well, we don’t have that one in stock.”

“Do you have another similar one in stock?”

“No, we just have the ones that scan photos and they start at about £100.”

“Well, why do you have all 18 out on display when you only have 2 for sale?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, thank you and I shall go elsewhere.”


And off he went.

I followed him to ask where else sold scanners and he said Office World. I drove there and they had 2 scanners – the same 2 that PC World had. I sense a conspiracy.

Came out of there and spotted Currys so I popped in and found the scanner I wanted at a cheaper price. Nobody came to help me there either but I just grabbed it and ran to the desk.

Got it home and what a treat it is! It scans up on end, it copies, it makes things into PDF files, has OCR, and emails things it has scanned. And all without a plug! How things have changed. Pity it doesn’t do photographs…


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