Birthday news

It was my birthday yesterday – (and also that of Our Lady). My most special moment was to receive two cards from my sons. In the past they have either forgotten, not had enough money, not seen it as terribly important, drawn me something on a piece of paper while I sat there watching or bought me a sympathy card because that was all they could find in the late-night garage. Despite pleas of “I dont mind if I dont get a present – all I want is a card!” they have just never seen this part of birthdays as being terribly necessary. But this year I got one from each and I was soooo pleased.

It was a normal working day for me: pew sheets, photocopying, typing up reviews, planning a sermon, doing my expenses, answering emails, and a meeting in the evening in South Queensferry. One of my little flock had found out it was my birthday and brought a huge chocolate cake (with a church candle on it!). A lovely end to the day.


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