Preaching with Sooty

Today I had an assistant for my sermon. As it was Family Service day and our Teddy Bear’s Picnic at church, I took along Pius Puffin and Sooty to help me with my preaching. Sooty actually did the sermon with a little bit of translating from me (he was very shy and would only whisper in my ear – when I remembered). I found that he was very good at nodding his head ‘yes’ but not so hot at shaking his head ‘no’. There’s a moral there somewhere. (And I take my hat off to Matthew Corbett. It is not as easy as it looks.)

At St C’s we had about 14 children which is a lot for us and it was great. Noisy in times but very lively and many teddies were in evidence. There was even a purple one but it was hard not to show favouritism. One of the grannies had a spotty leopard teddy which had been given by her grandson when her husband went into hospital to give her someone to cuddle in bed at night. Most of them came to the altar rail at communion for a blessing. And there was me worrying about praying for Georgia’s goldfish who had died yesterday.

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