Being prepared

As many of my friends and family know, I am a city girl. Not really a country lover except from the confines of a speeding car or luxury coach. However, as I have got older I seem to be drawn to the Scottish countryside in awe and wonder.

On some of these trips I have been amazed at the paraphernalia (?sp)that people take on their trips to the countryside. Binoculars, extraordinary cameras, trousers that have unlimited pockets and zips at the knee to transform them into shorts when the sun peeps out, hats of various hews and design, and my very favourite… the pocket knife. Just when you think you’ll never get that stone out of a horse’s hoof, or that bottle of wine open, some smart aleck will produce their little Swiss Army Penknife and oblige with a flourish. Oh how I have envied those organised friends!

But no more! Oh no! Today I have ordered my very own gadget, but mine is going to be much better. My Miss Army Knife will cater for all my needs for it contains: penknife, corkscrew, bottle opener, mirror, tweezers, nail file, safety pin, pill box and perfume bottle. How handy is that? Surely there is nothing that will faze me in the countryside ever again. I shall be up there with the big boys.

You too can order the Miss A Kit from . You know you want to!


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