Festival Mass

I should have been away on holiday last week but for various reasons it didn’t happen. So yesterday I should have been worshipping elsewhere but found myself at home wondering where I was going to go. Just for a change I decided to go home to my old stomping ground in Edinburgh – St Michael and All Saints. Did I say stomping? That should have read ‘gliding’ which is all we altar servers were allowed to do in the sanctuary.

As it is the Edinburgh Festival just now my home parish puts on Festival Masses with full choir and occasionally a small orchestra. Yesterday it was Haydn’s Nelson Mass and it was glorious. The preacher was the Rev’d Michael Sean Paterson, late of Westcott College, Cambridge and now stuck in Stonehaven. He was very good and preached about the Festival and managed to link it to the Assumption of the BVM which is no mean feat.

The strange thing is that there were more clergy in the congregation than in the sanctuary. So I am not alone, it would seem, in being drawn to Spikey Mike’s when on holiday. Lovely to get a ‘fix’.


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