Gauguin’s vision

On holiday this week and was meant to go away but that has been put on hold as my mum was rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack. Tempted to lie around all day catching up on reading but I know from experience that if I do that I won’t feel as if I’ve had a holiday. So today I went into Edinburgh to get some culture. Ha!

First of all the traffic was hellish. Nose to tail all the way in to town. Weather forecast was cloudy with rain – so we got sweltering heat. Walked along Princes Street dodging foreign tourists all suddenly stopping and gazing heavenward like they’ve never seen a castle before.

The National Gallery had an exhibition on called Gauguin’s Vision and it seemed to contain some religious pieces so I decided it would be worth forking out the £6.50 entrance fee. How mistaken I was. There were about 3 Gauguin’s and a few others from contemporaries, with a couple on the theme of somebody wrestling with an angel. Oh, and Breton hats featured heavily. All in 3 small rooms and pretty disappointing. I hope that visitors didn’t think that this was all we have to offer.

Wandered off to have a look around the rest of the gallery and found out to my disappointment that my favourite painting is not on show (John Duncan’s St Bride). Come on folks! Get the Scottish artists out when we have all these visitors.

One good thing – the gallery shop had a sale on and lots of stuff with Phoebe Traquair’s ‘The Progress of a Soul’ so I bought a new mouse mat and a journal.

Wandered round the Craft Fair, met Cat Outram and her sketches, and then came home. It occurred to me that if I put my mind to it I could produce some artwork just as good as some of those I saw. Maybe I shall do that this holiday.


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