Back to earth

Just had a wonderful four days on the Isle of Cumbrae staying at the newly refurbished Cathedral of the Isles. I must say it has improved a lot since I was last there. I had a large room with a double bed and two single beds and en-suite facilities (a shower that blew your head off but at least you knew your hair was rinsed). Mind you, I could have done with a desk and a chair in my room for seeing folk. I’m not sure how good boundaries can be when you are both lounging on single beds.

My little flock seemed to enjoy their first experience of a silent retreat and the feedback was very good. Some didn’t even want the silence to end. And I think all of our prayer lives have improved. They were very kind to me at the end of it all.

Came back home last night tired and emotional so went to bed. Today I had to put back all the stuff I had taken with me – rosaries, icons, bibles, books and the kitchen sink. Decided to tidy my study from all the stuff that was abandoned to the floor before I went away and was half way through it all when the doorbell rang. I had completely forgotten my lunch time meeting with our Diocesan CMD Officer. He looked at my track suit and face-without-makeup and raised an eyebrow but was very polite and said nothing. I confessed to having forgotten all about it, but quickly changed and off we went to Marynka’s for a lovely lunch.

Back to earth, right enough.


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