Car crash

A couple of weeks ago a woman reversed into my car when I was parking in Tesco’s car park. She reversed out of her space without looking behind her and caught my front nearside bumper and left a nice dent as well. She then jumped out of her car and apologised saying , “Sorry, it was my fault! I didnt look.” All very well. I was even impressed that she had her insurance details with her and gave them to me immediately.

Since then I have been to the insurance company’s named garage and had an estimate, but now I hear she has decided to deny it was her fault. How can people do that? I can’t believe it.

Woke up with a streaming cold and not feeling too hot and found a letter from my insurance company with a claim form and it seems that I have to claim and lose my no claims bonus. Yeh right! So I phoned the AA to complain and ask why I can’t claim against her insurance. I got the most unhelpful man – by the name of Andre I think – who just didnt seem to care, or know what he was talking about. He said there was nothing I could do about it and if I want it fixed then I have to claim it on mine and then maybe get it back. Not good enough. And I have a high excess. Bah!

Phoned Norwich Union who are the actual insurers and the woman there was so helpful. She is going to look into it and phone me back. But it looks like I do have to claim and then hope that the insurance company can get it back after and restore my no claims bonus. But that’s a big ‘if’.
Oh I am so cross.


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