Bad joke

A young man had just purchased a very expensive parrot and was deeply upset to find it dead the following day. He immediately phoned the vet in the hope that he could save it. The vet arrived and pronounced the parrot dead. “Oh! It can’t be,” responded the young man, “I want a second opinion.”
“OK,” said the vet who went off and a few moments later brought in a Labrador dog, which sniffed the parrot then turning to the vet said “its dead.” “There you are young man, your parrot is dead.”
”No!” he said, “I want another opinion.”
The vet went off and brought in a cat which sniffed the parrot and touched it with his paw. He then turned to the vet and agreed with the dog that the parrot was dead.
The young man accepted the final opinion but was not happy. The following day the vet returned with a bill for £150. The young man was shocked
and questioned the bill
To which the vet replied, “Well for £150 you’ve had a lab report and a cat scan!!!!


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